Friday, 13 January 2012


Really enjoyable week – met with the senior manager supporting Child And Adolescent mental Health (CAMHS) whose Board I am joining, and great work going on with CAMHS Youth Advisers - peer advisers supporting /signposting young people.

Then I met with businessman with whom we’ve been working for two years to set up a social enterprise in Woking to provide work opportunities for those struggling to get employment or work experience. I think the pathway is now clear to get started. The problem with any start up is how to fund the initial costs, and address the cash flow issues before sales and income occurs, but I think this is now overcome. IF we can get this going it should have great potential as a social enterprise model.

I have also been building links with our members and business, partly through our “4x4” scheme but also by direct approaches to companies that are being facilitated by our trustees with business links, so last week was P&G, and this week Allianz. The Government policy paper "Positive for youth" promotes links between youth organisations and business, and at national level NCVYS, UK Youth, Business in the Community and others have all  combined to promote links at national, regional and local level.  I am trying to get in touch with BitC Surrey and Sussex to discuss this. 

Finally, I met with our uniformed organisations last night, including the new Surrey Scout Commissioner, Roxanna Bostock to hear that Scout and Guide numbers are still rising strongly, and with people on the waiting list….names are apparently put down at birth to join Beavers and Brownies. There are still the problems of getting volunteers, but my briefing flagged up the new Community Improvement Fund (£750,000) the Leader of the County council has launched to fund local community infrastructure projects, and this was very well received indeed. So - a good week!

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