Friday, 6 January 2012


Well Happy New Year to you all, and I for one had a good rest, and an enjoyable time.

Clearly 2012 will be a year of challenge with issues about the eurozone and its impact on banking, sovereign debt….growth… unemployment …can’t see private sector growing fast enough to replace public sector cutbacks. But also a year of change as colleagues in Surrey Community Action and the Councils for Voluntary Services consolidate in some way to prepare for being commissioned in 2013/14.

For our part, we will “stick to core business”, remain small, innovative and focused on our member organisations.

In regard to the latter,  we had a useful meeting with Proctor and Gamble this week who are sponsoring our Celebration of Youth again this year (Sat 24 March pm) and may also help us in other ways.

I do think that voluntary sector/ business links are crucial. Interesting therefore to see that just before Christmas the Government announced two things: its new “Positive for Youth” policy, and also the promotion of work by Business in the Community and Youth Charities (including NCVYS) to work more closely together. We are promoting our “4x4” programme, linking 4 member organisations to 4 businesses. Launching with Surrey Chambers at the end of this month… to see Allianz next week.

All the best

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