Friday, 11 February 2011

Curves & Learning

Hi everyone,

A tiring week, with three late nights and one very early start. The impact of cuts nationally is becoming clearer – definitely a time to hold one’s nerve.

That was the theme of a RAISE board meeting in London on Tuesday, followed by my own Trustees meeting that evening. My Trustees approved our business plan and budget for next year, and I am delighted we have a clear sense of direction. We know what we have to do to deliver and fund our services.

Interesting grant review visit last night for the Community Foundation, Surrey to an independent, residential special school for young people with speech and learning impairments. Amazingly the parents have to spend an average of £20,000 to battle through the appeals and litigation process to get their children to this school. The work of the school was very impressive indeed, and the young people seemed very busy and happy, which was heartwarming.

On the downside, we have not had much interest in Faiths in Action event we are to hold on 23 Feb and I will probably have to cancel it. Some  learning for me there. And a meeting about social impact bonds with the Chief Executive of Surrey CC had to be postponed for 10 days or so.

On the upside I see that a great chunk of Surrey is included as the route for the Olympic Games road cycling race - see That will be a fun day out. I also see that the number of people required to go through the safeguarding requirements is to be reduced to a more realistic level (from 11 mill people to around 4mill).

 I attended a breakfast meeting with Michael Gove and others this morning which was very interesting and useful.

Personal disclosure: And England beat Wales in Cardiff last Friday - Italy tomorrow!

Trivial Pursuit:
a)       Last week’s answer – England ’s record try scorer, by miles, was Rory Underwood
b)       This week’s topical question – how far can a flea jump in relation to its size?

Enjoy the week-’s getting lighter!

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