Friday, 25 February 2011


Bit of a roller coaster week with ups and downs.

I met with the Chief Executive of Surrey CC on Monday morning about the social finance proposals generated by colleagues, and about which two secondees from SCC have been working to assist us. David McNulty had some questions and challenges, but we agreed to go forward with all the projects, which is encouraging.

That same afternoon there was a meeting of the various umbrella support service organizations in Surrey – SCA, CVs and us, with Susie Kemp the ACX from the County Council. The core issue is what organisation structure for support services  to the voluntary sector in Surrey would you put in place if designing with the a blank sheet of paper? The answer is NOT the current structure. So there will be a workshop with a blank sheet of paper, minus 30% funding and a facilitator to guide us through a process. This will be a challenge for SYF, but also an opportunity.

Met with the Surrey Youth Crime Prevention Group colleagues to receive a concluding report on the value of the PAYP and YoF funded projects. Short version is that crime and NEETs do seem to have gone down in the areas where investment and projects have taken place.

I have drafted an end of year, looking back/ looking forward letter to our Patrons to go out next week. I am highlighting our good work, but the (terminal) financial challenge for 2012/13, unless we raise income successfully in 2011.

Visited a new member organisation- the Amber Foundation – that has a beautiful residential establishment just south of Ockley where they provide accommodation for homeless and unemployed young people who may also have an offending background. Brilliant work …and a 9% re-offending rate compared to a national rate of about 75% + . Also had a great chat with a youth worker wanting to set up a social enterprise…it is the way to go, for some.

I’m at the Toast of Surrey Business Awards dinner this evening (thank you SATRO)

Personal disclosure: Sat. 5.00pm Twickenham- Les Bleus!
 Knocked out a 10 mile walk in the cold, rain and mist on the South Downs last Saturday in exactly 3 hours, my benchmark time. Preparing for the charity 26 mile marathon walk on 27 March.

Trivial pursuits:
a)      Last week’s answer; The single alternative vote is best described at the BBC News / Politics / Alternative Vote/ Q&A web page
b)      This week’s question: What is the record time for an Olympic marathon walk (26 miles)? 

Have a restorative week – end – getting lighter, and enjoy the ( England ) rugby!

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