Friday, 31 May 2013

Of long term partnerships & networks

Excellent meeting this morning at the office of the Surrey Police Crime Commissioner, and very promising opportunities for close partnership working. Meeting shortly too with company behind the highly successful “Wearesurge” website.

Our own revamped website is progressing well with a view to launch in early June, so that we can promote Surrey CC ‘s Youth Small grants programme as and when our role is finally agreed in a contract. Talking of contracts we are up to Canary Wharf next week to meet with the CSR people from a national bank that have agreed to sponsor COMMUNILAB (and Surrey Police Commissioner ‘s office will also join).

We have finished the Draft Annual Report and Accounts and met with our external examiner – auditor- on Thursday who gave very useful advice about a number of strategic issues. Otherwise, this short week has been taken up with interviews and appointments – more later.

Also finished the  bid for training youth workers about mental health issues, just in time for a network meeting with Surrey and Borders NHS Trust  next week. Interesting too that Surrey Young Carers have an excellent draft report out- “Surrey Young Carers Health Survey Report 2012” in which, no surprise, the principal wellbeing issues relates to mental health. So we are all on the same page.

Looks like a sunny weekend and we have our oldest friends coming down from Scotland – my friend from school (50 years ago) and his wife, who, before we were married,  flat shared with my wife on trendy Portobello Rd in the early 1970s and who met at our engagement party. Long term partnerships in all senses!


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