Friday, 8 March 2013

Shock - CEO Walks….

….the South Downs last Monday (17 miles) in 6.5 hours in training for the Y2 Y sponsored charity marathon walk on Sunday 17 March, so I was pleased. SO BLOG READERS now is the time to sponsor me please at :

Good England team out tomorrow against Italy and my boss (the England Manager) has resisted the temptation to do anything experimental, which is good. Quietly confident despite Parisse returning for Italy.

Ah yes work…….has been good but paying the price for taking a day off on Monday. The social enterprise is taking off – met amazing supplier of one of the electronic goods we’ll be selling – an IT expert from India now running his own cutting edge company – PhD. Worked for Intel in USA , various professorships, and 132 patents to his name. He said that 20% of the world’s energy consumption was taken up by computing. Contacted Guildford FE College about the training of the CiC recruits once in place. The office is at the Royal British Legion Industry’s depot in Leatherhead.

We have also launched recruitment of an Apprentice for us in our office here in Business Admin.

We are talking to various companies about revising our website and have a front runner with whom we’d be delighted to work – more later once agreement reached. Even I, notoriously technophobic,  am excited at the prospect!

I have circulated my briefing paper about the Ministry of Justice’s two big policy initiatives (outsourcing the probation service, now called NOMS) and creating secure education colleges for young offenders . Very busy with our own funding bids and initiatives, and also advising the Consortium.

AND FINALLY , don’t forget Mothering Sunday this week-end!

Mike (Assistant England Manager)

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