Friday, 9 March 2012

Nuts & Bolts

Well it’s been a slightly nuts and bolts week by my standards, with no particularly discernible theme.

I have now met up with the new interim CEO of Surrey Community Action who are engaged in the difficult process of reshaping themselves. One of SCA’s successes is the Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum (meeting on Tuesday) which has accelerated its progress of helping BME groups to a point where there is now a sufficient number of viable organisations representing minority groups for SMEF to be re-constituted, and people like me to drop out.

I had a Surrey Sports Partnership Board meeting in mid-week and its focus was also on re-constituting as a company limited by guarantee, as a step towards becoming independent of Surrey CC. We talked about Surrey’s preparation for the London 2012 Games and its legacy , including a new initiative called Community Games, and Sports-makers, the latter being volunteers who undergo a short 2 hour training course and undertake to get other people involved in sporting activity – mates playing football in the park, cycling group and so on. Active Surrey are the experts.

I attended Surrey Chambers open evening at the impressive GLive in Guildford (reminded me that my first visit to the former Civic Hall was to see the Pentangle..anyone remember them - folk group?). I made 3 useful contacts which I have followed up – the power of networking, but regretted having given up alcohol for Lent… Finally today I’ve had an invaluable  mentoring session that arose from our first “4x4 “ session - many thanks to PKF, Guildford !

And finally..of course a rugby week-end … England could win on Sunday against France , but I fear the French will be too powerful and experienced. Is Lionel Messi the greatest footballer ever? First person ever to score 5 goals in the European Cup - only 24 and I think 5’ 8 tall – technique and skill over size and physicality…just like the voluntary sector!!
Have fun.


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