Friday, 18 November 2011


This has been a frustrating week, blighted by the loss of internet access and the ability to receive incoming emails during the day, but only overnight en bloc. However, as of Thursday we were back up and running properly, but do not mention the words "BT Broadband" for several weeks please!! So a rather thin week I’m afraid.

I had a “realistic” discussion with my Management and Finance trustees on Tuesday about our “planned crisis” for next financial year, and then, having had a “difficult session with my MA tutor that same evening, just as I was slipping into the slough of despond (ish)…..up pops the wonderful Lottery!

The SE Regional Manager of the Lottery very kindly sent me details of the new £6 mill fund in England to promote social finance brokers such as us, and we will be bidding, but also to kick start projects that are in gestation. We have four of these that have languished somewhat and could benefit from the acceleration that a Lottery grant could fund. See details on our website.

So I end the week on a high with the prospect of working hard to bang in at least two bids by the due date (14 Dec).

We have our next public debate about young people and society on Friday 25 Nov at NESCOT in Epsom, and I am looking forward to that. The news about youth unemployment is not good – now 1million …there will be real adverse consequences…. and in Surrey it is increasing slowly – to 3,410 at September. I showed our “Every piece matters” film about needy young people again at a Surrey CC Equalities group, chaired by County Councillor Kay Hammond (Cabinet member)  where I had the floor to talk about the 135,000 young people (10-19) who constitute a significant segment of Surrey ’s population. The film had a considerable impact.

I also had a great discussion yesterday with the CEO of one of our organizations working with disabled children (Disability Challengers), who supply some 40,000 play sessions to 1,200 children, whose parents bring them to Guildford from London and Portsmouth, which alone speaks volumes.  So I end the week reflecting admiringly on what our member organisations do!”


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