Friday, 11 March 2011


The week has been dominated by a final trip to the Brighton Consortium steering group that successfully bid for some £400,00 of CWDC funding  to enable youth workers to attend three programmes : an Apprenticeship, a Foundation degree and an MA course . Some 60 young people have been through the programmes and so we have felt pleased with our efforts, although our satisfaction this has been tainted by recent stories of young people in each category losing their jobs.

I also went to a RAISE (Regional Action and Involvement South East ) Board meeting and strategy day over two days where there was a shared experience amongst the voluntary sector representatives of setting deficit budgets, and yet seeking to re-frame new opportunities. The snag is that everyone is doing the same things.

For the rest of the week it has been “just ordinary”,  though I have received an invitation to a (Archbishop)Tutu Foundation event soon in London to be attended by the great man whose infectious laugh is unforgettable.

Personal disclosure: Saturday – 20 mile South Downs walk in preparation for 26 mile Y to Y Charity Marathon walk on 27 March -  see my Just Giving site at:  Please DONATE to good cause – Redhill YMCA ‘s work with disabled young people. And then Sunday: Twickenham – Scotland !!

Trivial Pursuits: Next week: run out of time!”


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